Kind words from our clients.

"Thank you for making my wedding absolutely stunning!!" .....
Emily Davis Frampton

"Dear Donna,

Karen and I would like to thank you for your excellent lighting for our wedding reception. We couldn't have dreamed up anything that would have exceeded the spectacular and festive effects you conjured up from your vast knowledge of lighting technique.

What impressed us most was the romantic effect of the lighting on the guests. It felt like a wedding, not a show. Yet your lighting of the dancing room was festive enough to produce a feeling of energy in the room, without making it seem like a commercial show. I'm sure you could have given us fireworks if we had wanted it, but instead you gave us the warm feeling of sunset glow in the dancing area, with clever shapes and figures cast on the walls of the room. And in the rooms set aside for dining and receiving the guests, the feeling was romantic elegance without being boring or overdone.

If you have a website, please let me know, so I can link it to my website. We are creating a special page for the wedding that will include contact information for those who view the page. We would recommend your services for weddings and special events to anyone. And of course, you are the top professional in the production arena in your field; you're the best I've ever worked with, both on private and public events."

Warmest Regards,
Michael and Karen Murphey

" In three decades of attending public events, I've never seen a venue so well staged, decorated or lit. Events by Bill and Beautiful Lighting, that was freakin' awesome.

" Jody Dean" local celebrity, talk show host, kluv and Dallas Cowboy announcer

"We had no idea how lighting would change out wedding experience for us and our guests. We let Donna choose what best fit our venue and budget and she did not disappoint!! I don't think people realize the impact lighting can have on your event. It is an element that should not be forgotten as it will make your moment unforgettable!"

Tiffany Dunham

"You did a beautiful job, please accept my gratitude for your hard
work! IT was a pleasure to work with you!
Have a great weekend and a blessed day!"

Jeanne Mullen
Pregnancy Lifeline

"The event was absolutely beautiful! The lighting completely changed the look of the ballroom and transformed it into something we could never imagine! You were an absolute pleasure to work with and met our every need. Anytime we needed something you were always available and ready to answer any questions and work with us. A year later and the lighting at our wedding is still brought up in conversation as one of the top. "

Daniel Ghobrial